The Constitutional of Bharat Scan was in 1995 in Ashok Nagar in Chennai, Bharat Scans was proffered by Dr.Emmanuvel, who had a dream to provide world class imaging facilities to the people of India.

Dr.Emmanuvel is patron of Bharat Scans , in 1995, Currently Bharat scans has 6 centers in Chennai and one in Tirunelveli, Right from inception there was a desire to bring, the latest and best technology in Radio diagnosis. Over the years he was able to successfully build a team of highly skilled and dedicated imaging specialists, who were equally passionate about their work. The entire team strives for perfection and provides the highest level of diagnostic care to patients, rich and poor alike.

Bharat Scans has a history of bringing new technologies into the private sector in the country for example 128 Slice Cardiac CT scan, 3T MRI Scan, Full Field digital Painless Mammography, 128 slice low dose Fastest CT scanner machine to facilitate low radiation and less exposure time, CT coronary angiography, 4D ultrasound with tomography, PET-CT, CT-guided robotic biopsy, and iDEXA bone densitometry.

Continuing the said trend, Bharat Scans installed F18 FDG PET/CT, is a advanced molecular imaging procedure that provides a way to diagnose disease through the measurement of metabolic activity. CT stands for Computerized Tomography. CT is an X-ray test that generates a detailed view of the anatomy of structure of organs and tissues in the body. The CT scan can show the structural details of blood vessels, lymph nodes and organ systems. PET/CT a combination of a PET scanner and a High Resolution Multi-slice CT which fuses the functional images of PET with the high resolution structural images of CT.

Bharat scans has Nuclear Medicine which is a medical speciality, Uses small amounts of radioactive materials, known as radiopharmaceuticals, for diagnostic, therapeutic, SPECT, DTPA, DMSA and Stress Thallium Imaging and research purposes. These radiopharmaceuticals are specific for the organ, tumor or tissue desired to be studied. Once injected into a patient these radiopharmaceuticals localize in the area of interest, which is then imaged using a special camera. Highly simplified, it is something like taking an X-ray from the inside-out. Bharat Specialities Lab, a unit of Bharat Scans is fully robotic, leading edge clinical laboratory incorporating 13 departments and performs all citified laboratory tests including molecular genetics. The laboratory functions 24x7 and has everything in same slate. We are the first private institution in Chennai to get approval to conduct H1N1 (Swine Flu) testing. We have specialized Thin prep pap smear test which automatic and more accurate method than conventional pap smear test.

For the convenience of the senior citizen’s we have introduced our services at their door step “Home Health Services” Through these services our team will offer the services at your doors, and reports may be collected on line or in person.

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